Michael Henchman, Vancouver, WA


"Working with RpT's Library was a great experience.  Richard and Troy are adept at their craft and very accommodating in the studio.  Calm, patient, encouraging, and working towards the best presentation.  The after-recording experience was just as good, as they finalized production details to my needs.  I would recommend them to anyone."

William Huneke, Waco, TX


“Overall the sound is phenomenal and I ,as well as Chuck Jennings, Guitarist, think it is the best representation of my music I have. It's a fantastic product and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity”.

Randy Brown, Mineola, TX


“The videos and audio recorded at RpT’s Library are professional quality. I have used both to book house concerts and the audio for 1 song was successfully used getting a cut on a nationally distributed compilation CD (the song for the CD will be recorded by an artist on that label).  In addition, the audio from 2 other songs recorded at RpT’s Library got me a finalist spot at the South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest in January 2018 which I subsequently won. I will be using RPT’s Library again for live performance videos of songs to be on my new CD. The studio is warm and inviting, comfortable and lets me create my best possible live performance A real bargain in my opinion’”.

Richard S. Patnaude I, Cedar Park, TX


I'm very happy with all of the recordings I've done in your studio, I recommend it all the time.

Keith Rae, Longview, TX


“Love the videos we did together”.